The flag of Ghana was adopted in 1957. It was replaced with a variant with a white stripe in the middle from 1964 to 1966.

The flag was designed by Mrs Theodosia Okoh to replace the flag of the United Kingdom upon attainment of independence in 1957. It consists of the Pan-African colours of Ethiopia, i.e. red, gold, and green, in horizontal stripes with a black five-pointed star in the centre of the gold stripe. The Ghanaian flag was the first African flag after the flag of Ethiopia to feature these colours.

The red represents the blood of those who died in the country’s struggle for independence, the gold represents the mineral wealth of the country, the green symbolises the country’s rich forests and natural wealth, and the black star stands for the lodestar of African freedom. (The black star was adopted from the flag of the Black Star Line, a shipping line incorporated by Marcus Garvey that operated from 1919 to 1922) and gives the Ghana national football team their nickname, the Black Stars.

The civil ensign is a red ensign with the national flag in a black-fimbriated canton, evidently based on the British Red Ensign.

Did you know?

There are six national parks and a few nature reserves which were made to help protect Ghana’s inhabitant wildlife.

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The flag of Ghana was adopted in 1957. It was replaced with a variant with a white…

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