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Lake Bosumtwi Hotel & Apartments

Lake Bosumtwi Hotel & Apartments


Product Description

Lake Bosumtwi Apartment Hotel is a small boutique hotel in Osu featuring 5 apartment rooms and 1 standard room. What we lack in size we make up for in cleanliness, style, and service. Our modern styling and spacious rooms are a cut above the rest in Osu, you will be staying in comfort and style whether you are with us for a night or a month.

Our apartment rooms are a home away from home; we take a simple approach to décor with a sitting area, a dining area, kitchenette, and plush bathrooms. Our standard room has the same basic amenities minus the kitchen and separate sitting area and is great for those looking for some value.

Lake Bosumtwi Apartment Hotel how it stands now is a brand new hotel, nothing was spared in remodeling and restoring this property, all the appliances are new, floor material, wall paint; everything is beautiful, modern and works perfectly. But we are not a new brand, the original Lake Bosumtwi Hotel has been in the family and on the same piece of land for over 40 years, this is just the newest face of a long legacy of hospitality.


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