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Sweet Green Hotel

Sweet Green Hotel


Product Description

Sweet Green Hotel was established in the year of our Lord, 2014 to bring safety, comfort-like-home, a resting place to our cherished customers, visitors and tourists. Our 24/7 guarded facility will do everything within its mandate to create a serene and natural atmosphere that is devoid of filth, dirt and noise as these are deterrent to peaceful and sound abode.

That is why we have promised you the best of services away from home. We will always see you as a royal and treat you as such. All rooms are executive. Book any of our executive rooms now now on 0202021401 or 0243203109 to start your green life!.

To make sure we fulfill our promise of a home away from home in green environment, we have made available some facilities within our premises to keep you in your peaceful and relaxation mood.


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